Even in the saddest times, when we mourn the death of a loved one, there is joy in the celebration of that life, and the recognition of its passing. Even if we wish to take nothing from the past, we can still celebrate the possibilities inherent in the future.

I was privileged to undertake the celebration of life for I.T. 

I can honestly say it was incredibly moving for me, learning about his life and loves – one of his ex-girlfriends sang a beautiful tribute to him. I helped one of his best friends to write a eulogy. As we were going into the crematorium, there was a couple that no-one seemed to know, crying in the doorway. I found out that they were in a group that I.T. had been part of in his later life. This aspect of his life was not known even to his closest family. Instantly, I adapted the ceremony that we had designed to allow the couple to say a few words about their experiences with I.T.  It completed the picture of I.T. and enabled us all to celebrate his whole life. 

AP said “Steve performed our friend I.T.’s funeral and it was the most personal, most fitting funeral I have ever attended”.